The Next Big Thing Project
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The Next Big Thing Project. Our ‘wall of values’ 

What do you value, what’s important to you? What do we value as a community? What’s important to you is important to us.

Here’e a chance to use your skills and create the ‘next big thing’ which is installed as a permanent feature in the Old Chapel cafe.

How do you get involved?

  • Pop into the cafe and grab a piece of card and a pen!
  • Or make one at home and bring it in!: Cut a 10cm square of cardboard.
  • Decorate it with something that represents something you value or is important to you. (A colour, person, activity, object, word or words, event, shape, memory anything, done in any way… painted, drawn, collage, stickers…. ? ).
  • Once you’re done, pop down the cafe and we’ll add it to the next big thing!
  • Open to all ages and skill level.
THIS IS NOT about having high levels of artistic skill, but the honest expressions of all. Dive in, be bold and join in with the next big thing!

Do you want to get involved at the cafe? Offering your skills to play a part and make a difference?

Do you like painting, making, sewing, organising, listening… or any sort of ‘…ing’ ?! We believe we all have notions and ideas that might make a positive difference. What have you been thinking about? Do get in touch.

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