Gweithgareddau am ddim

We also have lots of free activities on offer. Add to our ‘ymuno mewn gwaith celf ar y waliau. Adeiladwch rywbeth hardd neu ein Wal o werthoedd.

Take the Wordsearch Challenge and enter the prize draw to win a free hot drink and cake! Have a strum on the community guitar. Suggest a joke for our joke chair. Nominate someone to go on our ‘Made a difference’ spiral.

Build something beautiful

Colour in a butterfly or make your own and add it to our Build Something Beautiful picture.
For grown ups too!

hope bridge project

We're renaming a bridge! Colour in a Hope Bridge picture, add some words and record your version of the 'Bridge of Hope' song!

Just pop into cafe and grab a sheet. Check out the videos!


What do you value?
Add your thoughts to our Wall of Values.

joke chairs more

Know any Jokes?
Suggest one to add to our Joke Chairs'
'What did one wall say to the other wall...?'

win a cake wordsearch

Wordsearch anyone? Enter the prize draw for a FREE hot drink and a cake

made a difference

Do you know anyone who's made a difference?
Either in your life or someone elses? Nominate them to be addded to our 'Made a difference' spiral!
Let's celebrate people and the small things they do that can make a big difference.


Beth sydd ymlaen


Llogi gofod



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