We want to invite you to create.

Make something over the next month ( at home or at ours when we’re open) as part of our ‘Bridge of Hope’ project. (Recognising the challenges in life but making bridges to a positive, hopeful future…)

Create something with a ‘bridge’ or ‘hope’ theme.

Actual bridges or metaphorical bridges. Listening to someone can be a bridge to a better future, teaching someone can be a bridge to a new life, saying yes to someone can be a bridge to an opportunity…
Maybe there’s something you hope for in the future, maybe there’s something that’s a challenge.

Bridge of Hope ProjectWe’re looking for:
  • Pictures
  • Writing
  • Crafts
  • Dances
  • Any sort of expression to gather together to be shared.

Who’s it for?

ANYONE can offer something. Professionals and amateurs of any age. Create away! We’ll be having a gathering at some point in the next month for a bit of gentle sharing the next 4 weeks.


Bridge of Hope Photography Challenge

Bridge placeSpecifically for photographers. We’re running a photo competition of any bridge.
Take your pics, send them in, we’ll create a little gallery of them all. There might even be prizes!


Just create away and we’ll have a little gathering to share what’s been created just for the creators! 

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Bridge of Hope Project

Go on, make a difference doing what you love!

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