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Why are we doing this?

We want to create a healthier, happier, more fulfilled world.

How we’re trying to do this

By enabling people to discover and engage with their interests and ideas, and find a role making a difference using them.

What we do

We run a cafe and activity space where people can chill out, join in with activities, or start something new, in a sustainable way.

People volunteering for  roles

We’re so grateful to our volunteers! Turning up, sharing their skills, making a difference. Thank you all!

Active volunteers playing a part and making a difference.

New ideas enabled

Our ideas clinic enables people to give their ideas a go! With steering, funding and design and marketing.

Ideas enabled through The Ideas Clinic

Including; Cafters shop, Chatty cafe, IT Clinic, Theatre group, Writing group, The Thrive Hive, Lottery surgery, PCSO meet up, Yoga, Board games night, Sing-a-long group, Kidsbank Kiosk.

The #CafeJackpot !

We celebrate people engaging with their interests and ideas, and finding a role, making a difference, doing what they love with our #cafejackpot !


People in the world who've made a difference doing what they love!

Who we are

An inclusive group of people who create spaces.

inclusive space sign

Our aims

We aim to value others, give them space to engage with their interests and enable them to make a difference involving those things.

What are we trying to let people do?

Allowing people to go on their own journey of discovery, giving them permission to follow their insights, ideas, nudges, gut reactions… to be able to find their place in both our world and the wider world. Pop along to the ideas clinic if you want support starting something new.

How we describe ourselves

Space makers / Listeners /  Encouragers / Enablers / Supporters /  Collaborators.

How we don’t describe ourselves

A religious organisation (or any of the language associated with) or a political organisation (or any of the language associated with).

Here’s our little mantra:

If it’s good for you, the people around you, and the planet, then we say YES!

cafe volunteers

So come and join in!

Start from where you are, chill in the cafe, join in with what’s on or even start something new

Together we can make the world a little bit more of a happier, healthier and more fulfilled place.


Fancy volunteering?

Do you like our values? Come and volunteer. It’s a great way to make a difference, meet people, and use and develop your skills!

  • Cafe area volunteers: Helping with practicalities in and around the cafe.
  • Big space volunteers: Help manage the  big space. setting up the room and being around to help a bit generally.

Get in touch below, come and get stuck in and help us run and develop the space!

we are looking for volunteerswhat activities question graphicDo get in touch, we're here to help! Looking to make a difference by volunteering? Want to hire a space to give something a go? Need support getting something off the ground?

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