The Ideas Clinic

Our space to help you explore and develop your ideas and bring them into the world!
Be it a new group, activity or service. Including help with:

  • Clarifying your ideas
  • Finding funding for existing or new ideas
  • Setting up small groups, companies, charities or social enterprises.
  • Advice, support and practical help and guidance including paperwork
  • Branding, websites, social media and marketing*

Two ways to get new ideas off the ground

number oneWe can help you find funding and even set up as an independent organisation, that might become part of the activities or service hosted here.

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Independent organisation:

We can help you find grants and funding and set you up as a small group, company, charity or social enterprise, offering advice on how to do that and the paperwork involved. Plus we can also help with naming, designing, branding and marketing your project. 

Once set up, if you’d like to offer your services at The Old Chapel Cafe we’d be delighted too look at that with you too as we have several spaces to hire.

Let’s create a happier, healthier more fulfilled world! 

number 2If it fits with our values and other services, we can consider the posibility of The Old Chapel Cafe setting up the idea. With you being involved as a volunteer or facilitator.

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Old Chapel Cafe idea we start that you can volunteer or facilitate at:

If you don’t want to set up as an independent service provider we can set everything up as an Old Chapel Cafe idea.

  • You can be as involved as a volunteer or facilitator.
  • We’d post the idea to ascertain interest for FREE on all our social/marketing streams. 
  • We’d trial the idea by hosting the space for FREE for 4 weeks, with users either paying through donations for each session or through ticket sales with a view to covering the rental value of the room.
  • You’d be expected to do some marketing in terms of telling people about it, and commit to the 4 trial sessions as a volunteer or facilitator too!
  • After 4 weeks we’d decide on the best way forward for the activity.
  • A really easy way to give it a go.

The Ideas Clinic is run in partnership with:

Martin from Springboard Chester

  • Help with setting up charities or CIC’s
  • Finding grants and funding
  • Web hosting

Richard from Richard Coan Design

  • Idea clarification
  • Design, branding
  • Digital marketing

*Note that we offer guidance for free, but some services are paid for.

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