Ideas Clinic launched!

Oes gennych chi syniad ar gyfer grŵp cymunedol, ond ddim yn gwybod beth i'w wneud nesaf? Eisiau cael grŵp i fynd, ond ddim yn gwybod sut? Wedi dechrau, ond mynd yn sownd?

A drop-in and and have a chat with someone who will help. (please book a slot below via email)

  • We can help with everything from a small group, through to a company, charity or social enterprise.
  • We can enable your idea to happen, with advice, support and practical help and guidance.
  • We can help with everything from funding, websites, social media, design work and paperwork. 

Note that we offer guidance for free, but some services are paid-for.

Thursdays 10-30am – 11.30am (Gwiriwch calendr cyn teithio).

BOOK A SLOT, or to find out more, just email below.


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Cysylltwch, rydyn ni yma i helpu! Eisiau gwneud gwahaniaeth drwy wirfoddoli? Eisiau llogi lle i roi cynnig ar rywbeth? Angen cefnogaeth i gychwyn rhywbeth?

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