Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister visits local cafe and activity space

The leader of the Welsh Government, Mark Drakeford, took the time to visit The Old Chapel in Saltney Ferry last week.

It was an honour to show him around and share with him our vision to create a happier, healthier world by enabling everyone to engage with their interests and ideas, and find a role involved with those things. 

Allowing people to be themselves, play a part and make a difference is at the core of what we’re seeking to do here at The Old Chapel. If it’s good for you, those around you and the planet then we say ‘YES!’.

Well done Saltney Ferry

butterfly imageThe First Minister took the time to look at your creations including our wall of values, butterflies wall, sound track, hand made cushions and crafts and even the party bunting!

So if you’ve been here drawing, painting, listening, baking, making, playing, helping, singing, teaching, or supporting, then, good job… and thank you!  Hopefully doing those things has made a positive difference to your own life and those around you. The First Minister was very encouraging, so be encouraged!

shop at the old chapel cafeFunding from the Welsh Government

We’ve been very thankful for the funding to renovate the cafe we received from the Welsh Government last year and look forward to continuing to work with them to help provide opportunities for all to start from where they are, engage with their ideas and interests and make a difference in the world, be it in a big or small way.

Can you help fund our community focussed project

We’re looking for further funding while we develop the cafe to seek to make ourselves sustainable:

planning meetingOpportunities to get involved

We’re looking for:

  • Volunteers to help us extend our opening times.
  • Service providers to run activities and courses.

Do you think you have a part to play in encouraging and enabling people to chill out, join in or start something new!? Please get in touch below or drop in and have a chat and together we’ll find a way. We do like to say YES!

Rich, Darren and the team


Get in touch, get involved

what activities question graphicwe are looking for volunteersWe believe we all have suggestions and ideas that can make a positive difference, no matter how big or small.  Find a role, and a place and have some fun! Check out our current projects.

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