‘Pictures’ of Hope Exhibition.

Using local people to help make a positive difference in the local community

So far we have digital images, photographs and a song!
We’re feeling the need for some hope! Create something around the theme of hope: Visual, poetry, music, photography, video, interpretive dance, anything!! …and we’ll create an online exhibition of it all. Who’s up for it??
You can also just tag your creation wherever you share it with: #PicturesOfHopeInvite

Get involved.

Send a picture, video, song or anything that speaks of hope to you. Do get in touch.

Join us on social media

Do you want to get involved at the cafe? Offering your skills to play a part and make a difference?

Do you like painting, making, sewing, organising, listening… or any sort of ‘…ing’ ?! We believe we all have notions and ideas that might make a positive difference. What have you been thinking about? Do get in touch.

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